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      Today China is the world's largest producer of goods, shifting from leading US position, which occupied it for 110 years from the beginning of the XIX century. According to a study IHS Global Insight, in 2014 China accounted for 35.8% of total world production, which is 10.4% higher than the share of the United States. A variety of products from China shipped to over 70 countries. The title of "world factory" China stuck for a long time. Celestial takes the position of world leader in the production of a huge number of products. Despite the fact that the economy is changing, products labeled «Made in China» can be found in every corner of the world.
      Could you admit that most of the best laminate made in China? How would you try to prove otherwise, the truth is that the best factory laminate is produced in China. Laminate first came to China relatively recently in 1995 under the banner of the famous Swedish brand Pergo (who is the founder and inventor of the surface). Since then, industry production of laminated spread throughout the country. Today China is the largest supplier of "base" for various famous brands of USA, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Thailand, Turkey, Australia, Japan and Russia. For those of Chinese factories producing semi-finished products and components for further production in the country brand. Produced films, coatings, paper, HDF-high density boards, cork coating, etc.

     First, China imported ready laminated flooring, technology, equipment, raw materials and even was in search for a better solution. As a result, China produces first batch of laminate flooring in 1997, which fill the markets of third world countries, including Russia. Coatings were cheap and soul, to put it mildly, not the best quality. It was a continuous process of improvement of production equipment and technical solutions. I can note that trim and laminate surfaces brashuvannya Chinese invented it! For the first time these decisions could be observed on the laminate is "Made in Shina." Germany, Belgium, the US and others were forced to quickly start production of coatings of this type, so as not to fall out of the established trend and fashion.In 2002 Chinese laminate is the undisputed leader in terms of production due to cheap labor, the best technology, the Germans gathered available materials and equipment. In the industrial sector as a raw material used by young poplars are grown for 5-7 years specifically for processing, while in Europe manufacturers are forced to buy old trees (50-60 years) after the "cleansing" of forests. Equipment used in production, manufactured by European technologies to German factories, but does not require long transportation due to compact placement of various factories in China. In particular, all the paper used for the production of flooring (including the German plants) is produced in China.

    To date, the province is world famous Shanghai Domotex exhibition which attracts buyers and representatives of factories around the world to find their ideal brand manufacturers. Many German manufacturers actively promote the transfer of its production in China, to sell it to other countries. These floor coverings supplied worldwide under various brands including the most famous: Ecoflooring, Holzmeister, Kronopol, Proteco, UniStep and a number of lesser known. A number of well-known European brands such as Kronoflooring, Pergo, Egger, Witex ... also built their plants in China. For example Kronoflorinh they built up four.In general, in China there are more than 1,500 factories that produce flooring! Such concentration of production is not in any country in the world. About 200 plants annually produce more than 1 mln.m2 laminate.

    Production of laminate located in many provinces of China, mainly in the south (province Changzhou, Jiangsu, Shandong, etc.), but also presented and the north.According to 2014 exported 980 million m2 of laminate, which are major importers of North America (USA, Canada), South America (Brazil, Argentina), Japan, Australia, UAE, Russia, Turkey, Europe and Asia.Since exports mainly occurs in developed countries, where people care about themselves and provide high value environmental health standards, the government-investytora and the PRC government is actively involved in the quality control of the production of exported goods. Environmental standards laminated floor KronoPol, GrunHolz, OsterWald significantly lower than the European producers, as evidenced by certificates of the export control health standards.

     Moreover, the manufacturers produce tailored collection of the tastes of the country, which designs developed by German experts. Locks also developed and patented in Germany.
Laminated floor WinnPol, GreenStep, GrunHolz, OsterWald and - manufactured under European control and hits sales are in North America and the South Pacific. It is known trends for many countries that are able to satisfy any, even the most whimsical buyer.