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Buying a laminate, a person is faced with the question, what is a laminate, choose a laminate that is high-quality laminate, and that in the end you need pokupat.Hotim to submit their views on these issues, opinion was formed over 10 years of wholesale sales of laminate flooring, in the largest companies importing of the product.

The first buyer is faced with what is one can find information about lamininat.Obychno experts advocate familiar (family), recent bed laminated floors, builders worked 15 years in the Czech Republic and Moscow consultants specialized stores, Internet stati.Vse above mentioned experts, have never been to the factory, which produces laminated, have a vague idea of ​​the stages of production, production costs and syrya.Lyuboe his ignorance, what is the difference laminate replace myths, speculations.
If you choose to listen to the opinion of the designer, it is not even ploho.Obychno are professionals, who will not risk and take untested product, moreover, will help you find the right coloring and fakturu.Drugoe thing is that they save you for sure will not be allowed, and you can be sure that when you pay a laminate in the store, the designer's interest there just there.
Czech (Moscow), the builders usually are experts in everything, not only in the use of laminated polah.Mozhete builder advice, but do not be lazy to check the prices on the product purchased in the same store or on the Internet, you can save considerably.
And the largest group of experts, consultants specialized magazinov.V Ukraine, there are thousands of specialty stores, department stores in general construction, Intnrnet stores, sales agents various trade marok.Zhestkaya competition for a place in the sun for 15 years, laminate sales gave rise to a lot of urban legends in the subject that such laminate, and why it should cost dorogo.Zaydya in a salon (department) you will be given a wealth of information, not all of this will pravdoy.S the other hand you do not plan to become a professional in the production of laminate flooring, you just need to pick up produkt.Ne pay attention to the different characteristics and differences in quality, we can assure you ALL laminate the same, just try to trim color, pattern, fakturu.Vam 10-15 years living with laminate, and not with his fictional kachestvami.Nizhe we present the characteristics of the parameters that you try sell with laminate.

  1) Country of origin.
      Absalyutno no difference what country manufactured laminat.Proizvodstvo laminate, it is mass-produced, it is not slozhnoe.Produkt made of the same components (HDF plate, paper, protective layer) anywhere in the world, the technology of production does not involve the use of specialized equipment, ie press for gluing paper and plates is in any tehnologicheskiodinakovym poizvoditelya.Nano technology, clean "gold" filter or "quail eggs" stick nevozmozhno.Na 70% of production consists of machines which cut large slabs into lamellas and cutting zamkov.Po fact dear lesopilka.Lyudskoy factor has no practical effect on the production of the laminate, because of the technology proizvodstva.Dopolnitelnye money you pay only for what would have to be told that the friends and acquaintances.

  2) The density of the HDF board.
      Laminate flooring is made of two types of plates, density 750-800 kg / m3 and 900-950 kg / m3.Esli you tell us about the super slabs, of which the laminate is made, not verte.Vse manufacturers make products of the same kinds of HDF boards. The composition of the boards included wood fiber and resins, additives or any other super tehnologiy.Esli you tell us about the use of super strong and heavy plates in the production, do not be lazy to ask the packaging weight (or weigh) and of the high-end laminate obychnogo.Metr square both laminates It will weigh about the same.
  3) Load classes.

      There are three main classes of abrasion of the laminate 31, 32, 33.Klass depends on the thickness of the melamine smoly.kotoroy layer on top covered with a layer of laminat.Etot measured mikronami.i.ne despite the relatively high cost of melamine smoly.kak product tselom.na laminate cost of almost vliyaet.Na not actually .If it comes to the use of the laminate in the home class can safely take lyuboy.dazhe most nizkiy.Esli you decide to wash the laminate with household himii.to you any 33 class does not just destroy pomozhet.Himiya melamine resin. laminate begin to fade in the sun and will be subject to mechanical stress.

   4) Castle.

      One of the favorite topics of "experts" is a zamok.Vam necessarily tell about the uniqueness of a particular type of lock in laminate.Rasskazhut about space technology and the greatest scientists who took part in their razrabotke.Na our view would be better if these scientists engaged in global issues warming of the planet and the development of alternative sources of energii.Vse locks cut on the same hardware with a different angle of inclination pil.Glanoe time they saw podtachivat.Vybiraya laminate ignore zamka.Poprosite form that you would lay down their 5-6 slats vmeste.libo fold themselves and ensure that they are developed without scheley.Dlya further operation is not a vegetable vazhno.na more like pola.kak castle in practice in recent years, there is no problem with the locks and geometry laminat.Vo first began to undermine the Second saw vovremya.vo any manufacturer checks on their products before selling folding.

   5) The design, color, pattern.
       Most of the "experts" you can hear that the decor has been designed in design studio in Hamburg (Dyusseldorfe.Drezdene ....) For this spatsialno kollektsii.Na svmom fact almost all the decorative paper, for all plants, manufactures Schattdecor German companies and Interprint.Proizvodstvennye the power of these companies are in Shanhae.Zatem produced decorative paper transported around the world for plants laminata.Produktsiya tens and hundreds tonn.V cost of the laminate or other decor in fact the price difference does not matter.